The Harry Cardwell Series: Books 1-6

The Harry Cardwell series of books take the reader on an emotional journey through the 20th Century following the lives of Harry and Annie: the haunting return from war to a world no longer relevant after their grim experience, where neither of their individual backgrounds are compatible with their love, whether in the Cheviot wilds of Northumberland or the city streets of East Coast America, or indeed post-revolution Mexico, or the growing brutality of fascist Italy. Love Of An Unknown Soldier (2010) is the first volume in the Harry and Annie Series. The other books in the series are A Long Road Home (2012), When War Came Again (2012), First Snow of Winter (2012), Last Snow of Winter (2013) and Alp Grüm (2017).

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Love Of An Unknown Soldier
A Long Road Home
When War Came Again
First Snow of Winter
Last Snow of Winter
Alp Grüm

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The book you must read in case it’s true. Max John believes he has discovered the origin of Hiv/Aids. The old soldiers and the spies know that he has. Once Max is dead they hunt down his girlfriend Tess and the evidence she is carrying – a desperate chase and culling across the continent from New York to Los Angeles in pursuit of anyone who has seen even a tiny part of that evidence – one battered sports bag full of tape and film. Max and his cameraman have been killed in mysterious circumstances, only Tess surviving to honour their memory by finding her way through the tape and film to unravel and tell. . . The Story That Can Never Be Told.

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The Christmas Spy

Morgan Hunter-Brown is ‘Railway Joe’, employed by Interpol to investigate smuggling and financial espionage in cold-war Europe. Alone as always at Christmas, he’s the agent called up for a chase that will lead him north to Germany, ‘home’ to London, finally back to his one-time, wartime motherland in Italy. Manipulated by his Contrôlleur and falling in love with every pretty face he sees, every soft voice he hears, Morgan is equally at the mercy of events, enemies and his own emotions. . .

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Maximum Credible Accident

When this book was first published in the 1980’s, it was dramatised by BBC Radio. After only one episode, the Thatcher government tried to have it taken off air. The then heads of the BBC decided Maximum Credible Accident was ‘factually correct and an essential element in the public debate’ – and refused to censor it in any way. ‘Imagine concentrating everything that scares you most about a conventional nuclear reactor, speeding it all up and immersing it in liquid that burns in air and explodes on contact with water. Then persuade yourself that nothing will ever go wrong with it: no terrorists, no Chernobyl, no Fukushima … No Acts of God, no Murphy’s Laws can be permitted.’ In Maximum Credible Accident the decision about Britain’s nuclear future is entrusted to a senior civil servant – Gordon Aylen, Whitehall and Washington determined to sway Aylen’s decision – while unknown to him, a prototype Fast Breeder is running wild in Tuscany, beyond human control and beyond reach of any known fail-safe system.

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Occupation Democrat, Destination Hell

A political thriller following an old-fashioned, one-nation Tory whose family company is forced into liquidation. He loses his family and his dignity and ends up on the streets; but in the end takes revenge on the members of his party whom he believes have betrayed the trust of the public.

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Two journeys fifty years apart, the consequences of one creating the other – the first a mystery tour through Nazi Europe by luxury train; the second an unexpected meeting on a German autobahn in 1992. Both journeys end in deep snow, burial, love and unexpected redemption.

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